Mastering Measuring Shorts and Jeans for the Perfect Fit

When it comes to selecting the right pair of shorts or jeans, nailing the perfect fit can be a bit tricky when shopping online. The solution lies in understanding the crucial measurements of the garments themselves. At Survival Streetwear we always advise to compare our garment measurements with another garment in your wardrobe that fits you well. This is always a much better way to gauge whether an item will fit you than trying to take measurementsof your body.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the essential measurements you should consider when purchasing bottoms online: waist, rise, inseam, and length.

1. Waist Measurement: The Foundation of Comfort

Getting the waist measurement right is fundamental for a comfortable fit when shopping for shorts or jeans. To measure the waist of the garment accurately, follow these steps:

  1. Fasten Buttons or Zips: Before measuring, ensure that any buttons, zips, or closures on the waistband of the garment are securely fastened. This ensures an accurate measurement without any distortion.

  2. Lay the Garment Flat: Place the shorts or jeans on a flat surface, ensuring they are evenly spread out and not stretched.

  3. Find the Waistband: Locate the top edge of the waistband on the garment. This is where you will take your measurement from.

  4. Measure Across: Using a measuring tape, measure horizontally across the waistband. Make sure the tape is straight and not slanted.

  5. Record the Measurement: Note down the measurement in inches or centimeters. This measurement corresponds to the waist size of the garment.

Always refer to the brand's size chart to determine your correct size based on the waist measurement of the garment. At Survival Streetwear we provide a size chart with every listing in the item description.

2. Rise Measurement: A Factor in Fit and Style

The rise measurement determines where the waistband of the shorts or jeans will sit on your body, impacting both fit and style. To measure the rise of the garment:

  1. Front Rise: Measure vertically from the top edge of the waistband down to the crotch seam.

  2. Back Rise: Measure vertically from the center back of the waistband down to the crotch seam.

Comparing the front and back rise measurements of the garment can give you insights into its fit around the hip and crotch areas. A shorter rise suggests a lower waistband, while a longer rise indicates a higher waistband. The Rise measurement in our size charts provides the item's front rise measurement.

3. Inseam vs. Length: Deciphering the Distinction

Confusion often arises between inseam and length when shopping for bottoms online. It's crucial to understand the difference between these two measurements, as they determine the leg length and overall look of the garment.

  1. Inseam: The inseam measurement refers to the distance from the crotch seam to the hem of the pants. It plays a pivotal role in determining the leg length and where the pants will end on your body.

  2. Length: The length measurement usually refers to the overall length of the pants from the top edge of the waistband to the hem. This measurement is particularly relevant when you want to ensure the garment fits your height appropriately.

For shorts, the inseam measurement directly influences the coverage of your legs, while for jeans, it affects whether they appear ankle-length or full-length.

4. Measuring Inseam and Length of the Garment

To accurately measure the inseam and length of the garment, follow these steps:

  1. Inseam Measurement: Lay the garment flat with the legs extended. Measure from the crotch seam down the inside of one leg to the desired length. This measurement reflects the inseam length of the garment.

  2. Length Measurement: For the length of the garment, measure from the top edge of the waistband down to the hem.

When shopping online, closely review the provided inseam measurement for shorts and jeans. This will give you a clear idea of where the garment will rest on your legs and whether it aligns with your style preference.

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